Keynote: Digital Discovery in the Physical World

Location: Main Stage
Date: Mon, April 20
Time: 4:00 PM - 4:20 PM
The ubiquitous smartphones users carry are powerful, smart devices that can be leveraged as a valuable tool to digitally navigate the increasingly clustered physical world in an individualized way. If a user agrees, the various sensors allow for the acquisition of key signals that can then be layered upon one another to paint a personalized picture of what someone is likely to be interested in. We particularly believe in the value allotted by anonymous location and proximity information. Combined properly, this creates a digital “sixth-sense”, creating the best bridge between the digital and physical world. 

Increasingly these devices are being used as ambient tools that proactively push engagements to assist during the user’s journey or buying cycle. Beacons are an important piece to this equation as they can be triggered to provide engagements based on very granular, focused criteria ensuring they are hyper relevant; performing significantly better than traditional mediums. Beacons help to understand this bridge and take the mobile context and translate it to enable retailers, brands, venues, advertisers and municipality services to create relevant conversations with users at different points in their journey. 

As a thought leader and pioneer in the industry, Kevin Hunter will explain this transformative view on a user's journey, the endless possible use cases and how to leverage these tools effectively in an increasingly connected world.