Lighting Talk: Extreme Mobility: How one highly-scalable mobile app sends a billion people on their way each year

Location: Main Stage
Date: Mon, April 20
Time: 9:45 AM - 9:55 AM
oin to learn how China’s 1 billion seasonal commuters relied on a single mobile application that overcame these challenges to get their destinations with ease and comfort. China Ministry of Railways successfully developed and deployed a highly-scalable mobile ticketing application that can mitigate unparalleled user levels, extreme transactional spikes, ticket scalping security challenges and ultimately get people on their way at the speed of a touch-click.

Each year, the world's largest mass migration occurs during Chinese New Year, when more than a billion people travel across China to celebrate the Spring Festival with family. The widespread adoption of smart mobile devices has had a transformational effect on this unique event, as one-seventh of the world's population are in motion simultaneously. This session describes the successful deployment of a highly-scalable mobile app that helps the China Ministry of Railways cope with the massive spike in demand during the 'Chunyun period' by allowing hundreds of millions of travelers to quickly and easily book rail tickets. Despite China's considerable ongoing investment in rail infrastructure, every available train seat is sold out during those 40 days of collective chaos. As a result, scalping of tickets is just one of the many challenges that the designers of the mobile app solution (based on IBM’s MobileFirst Platform) have had to confront. This session provides valuable insight for any organizations planning mobile solutions that must scale to support millions – or billions – of customers.

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