Lighting Talk: iBeacons: Reality or Still a Work in Progress?

Location: Main Stage
Date: Mon, April 20
Time: 11:35 AM - 11:45 AM
All the buzz, iBeacons are the darlings of micro-location technology. But how easy and scaleable are iBeacons? Are they being used in actual implementations? What’s the hype and what’s reality? What are the privacy concerns? And do consumers even want iBeacons and location-based promotions? 

This session takes a look at the current state of iBeacons – and what the future holds. Hear real use cases from how professional sports organizations engage with fans in stadiums, to how major retail brands can target in-store shoppers with messages and discounts through their apps. Consider the results from an Adobe survey of consumers and marketers: 
 34% of consumers surveyed report receiving location-based promotions; 70% are open to receiving them
 18% of marketers surveyed use iBeacons today; expected to double in 2015

Attendees will:
1) Learn how iBeacons make smartphones and apps smart, how brands can integrate location-based technologies/apps, and how consumer adoption is trending
2) Understand how major brands are using this technology to execute smart marketing while avoiding "consumer stalking" 
3) Review some results that today’s brands/organizations are seeing with iBeacon deployments
4) Hear some research findings from Adobe, indicating that app usage growth on phones outpaced tablets by more than two times (70% vs. 35%) year-over-year
This will be a lively session debating the upsides and the gotchas with iBeacons.