Lighting Talk: Shoring up the Mobile Network – Why Security Matters in Mobile

Location: Main Stage
Date: Mon, April 20
Time: 10:20 AM - 10:30 AM

Gary Davis will provide a provocative session on a topic that is forward looking and gaining momentum as much as the mobile tech ecosystem is growing. Due to the nomadic nature of mobile devices, we need to change the way people think about security. We are and should be worried about where data is going. The evolution to and around mobile devices and social media has created a desensitization around data; anything and everything is shared on Facebook, posted from a mobile phone, for example. There is a generational component to this, but the over 30 crowd is equally effusive on social media sites and mobile devices. People don’t realize what is stored in a phone. As we think about security we have to think about how people are using computing & devices. This discussion with a unique and dynamic expert executive will explore how the social & cultural changes of mobile communications impact security. How and where does security fit? Corporate assets have to be protected. Most employees use their own personal phone. How do companies deal with and reconcile competing perspectives on protecting data? Start-ups in particular must be sensitive to the risk to their IP due to a lack of awareness around mobile security. Davis will open a valuable dialogue on this crucial part of any discussion on the explosion of growth in the mobile tech space.