Workshop: Hand off final app designs effectively using Sympli

Location: Stage 2
Date: Mon, April 20
Time: 3:30 PM - 3:55 PM
The process of the handing off final designs from a mobile application designer to a developer is not straight-forward. It requires a lot of manual jobs from designers on assets generation, mastering of visual specs, as well as collecting and sending to the developers any custom fonts that will be needed by the developers to implement the design. Some things get missed, and both parties waste their time on unnecessary back-and-forth communications instead of doing the respective jobs they love. 

Tailored specially for mobile designers and developers, Sympli aims to make design handoff virtually a one-click-process in both Photoshop and Sketch 3. It takes care of transforming original source graphic files into a format that mobile developers can use right away.

Sympli's Android Studio and XCode extensions provide ready-to-use assets, dynamic visual specifications in platform-specific units, synchronization tools, tracking of design updates, and routine code generation to dramatically ease the developers' job of giving the apps a final look.