Dan Boutin photo

Dan Boutin

Senior Product Evangelist at SOASTA


Based in Gainesville, Florida, Mr. Daniel Boutin is Senior Product Evangelist at SOASTA. Prior to that, Mr. Boutin has held roles at IBM Rational and Mercury/HP Software, and has worked for IBM Global Services, specializing in the areas of performance management, testing and scalability and ITIL. In addition, Mr. Boutin led the corporate SEI initiative at Lockheed Martin and was one of the contributors to ISO 12207, the U.S. commercial software standard. Mr. Boutin has previously presented his work at the Atlantic Test Workshop (ATW) in Corsica, France, and Durham, New Hampshire. Mr.Boutin also has presented at the Advanced Technology Workshop in Toulouse, France, and at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts. Mr. Boutin has also presented at itSMF events in Milwaukee, Toronto, Atlanta and Calgary, as well as the itSMF National Conference, multiple Gartner Conferences, and many local and regional events on a variety of topics in performance engineering and the SDLC.You can find him at dboutin@soasta.com, @DanBoutinSOASTA or at a conference or meet-up near you.